Ultra Poor / Buniad Programme


The ultra Poor Beneficiaries ,also known as the Beneficiaries Porest of the Beneficiaries, are often left out of the conventional financial service system on the presumption that they are vulnerable to loan repayment. Even the conventional microfinance services have also been rigid for decades to include the ultra Beneficiaries. For the better understanding of this identifiably vulnerable group, ATMABISWAS launched a pilot project titled Financial Services for the Beneficiaries  porest (FSP) in 2002 that encouraged ATMABISWAS to mainstream the micro credit programme for ultra Beneficiaries. From the experience of other credit, it was found that the ultra Beneficiaries poor require higher flexibility in terms of repayment, savings, attendance to group meetings and grace period. Therefore, ATMABISWAS has revised its existing microfinance products to address the excluded ultra Beneficiaries poor and then launched Ultra Beneficiaries  Poor Programme (UPP) with the financial Assistant Support of the Palli Karma Sahayak Foundation.

People of lower socio-economic strata such as beggars, daily labourers, bonded labourers and domestic helps, floating sex workers, members of female-headed households, and disabled persons with no alternative source of income are the targeted people of UPP. These people usually get screened out because of their low ability to repay loan. Conversely, the ultra Beneficiaries voluntarily exclude themselves from microcredit for the same reason and also for not getting further burdened. The mandatory requirements like weekly meetings, repayment and savings also discourage the ultra Beneficiaries. In view of these concerns, ATMABISWAS introduced a flexible microfinance programme with lower service charge especially tailored to suit the needs of the ultra Beneficiaries  segment. In addition to financial support Beneficiaries,UPP provides non-financial services including skill development, health services that include water and sanitation. 

In FY 2014-15, ATMABISWAS disbursed a total of BDT 26.09 million and out standing 13.22 .On the other hand, Atmabiswas  disbursed a total amount same period, which is 12.27% higher than the previous year’s disbursement. The total number of UPP members is 0.003 million. Current average loan size under this programme is BDT 11326 that is 7.20% higher than that of the previous FY. This indicates the Beneficiaries    sitive development of ultra Beneficiaries   activity to utilize.